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Marlins GM (JoeyTTU01): IFA will either be determined to be property of the team who signs them or free agents depending on the type of contract they sign with MLB. Aug 16, 2015 7:50:55 GMT -6
YankeesGM-ElGuapo: All we are asking is whether we can bid on these guys or if they are already owned. Aug 16, 2015 7:58:00 GMT -6
Marlins GM (JoeyTTU01): No one is bidding on them right now if they are made a FA it will be next year. This was a decision made by the TAB due to when they both signed MLB Deals (Majors or Minors). Aug 16, 2015 8:09:01 GMT -6 *
YankeesGM-ElGuapo: Wow, if you guys aren't watching the Underall Perfect Game All Ammerican Classic, from Petco you're missing out. Some great talent on display. Aug 16, 2015 18:54:20 GMT -6
TigersGM: Can someone give me the quick explanation on moving a player to DL? Aug 16, 2015 19:08:19 GMT -6
YankeesGM-ElGuapo: Sent you a PM, Tigers. Aug 16, 2015 19:15:58 GMT -6
YankeesGM-ElGuapo: Of course, the player has to be eligible for DL to move him there. Aug 16, 2015 19:16:08 GMT -6 *
Reds (Phil): Looking to add a RP or a cheap 2B rental. Let me know if you're selling any. Aug 17, 2015 9:20:53 GMT -6
TigersGM: position eligibility - who determines when a player has qualified (I understand how) -- do I as the manager, post a thread requesting position eligibility be added? I.E. Jace peterson is listed on my minors roster as SS but he is 2b eligible... Aug 17, 2015 19:13:40 GMT -6
GM Phillies: For hitters, if they played at a position last year for 20 games, they're eligible at that position this year. Also if they play 10 games at another position THIS year, they get eligibility at that position also. Aug 17, 2015 20:38:22 GMT -6
TigersGM: Thanks - so I just make the determination myself after research or do I need it validated through a post? Aug 17, 2015 20:39:52 GMT -6
GM Phillies: I just from time to time update my roster here as far as position eligibility is concerned whenever they qualify for it at Fantrax. You can just change it yourself here to match Fantrax. No post needed. Aug 17, 2015 20:40:42 GMT -6
TigersGM: great - so Fantrax is all I need to monitor - thanks! Aug 17, 2015 20:44:55 GMT -6
YankeesGM-ElGuapo: Braves suggested if we don't like how things are done here, we should resign, so yeah, we're done. Find someone else. Aug 19, 2015 10:46:59 GMT -6 *
magicjohnson (LAD): Nice pick Mets - Blake Trahan Aug 19, 2015 17:22:33 GMT -6
Marlins GM (JoeyTTU01): While I hate to lose any GM you (or ya'll) do complain a lot about how things are or are not done here we do the best we can but that doesn't seem to be enough it seems. Aug 19, 2015 18:40:46 GMT -6
rushmore (LAA): We are better without El Guapo. He is a joke of a GM. Good riddance Aug 23, 2015 9:47:02 GMT -6
metsgm: you mean "they" were a joke Aug 23, 2015 10:16:00 GMT -6
magicjohnson (LAD): "They" were straight crazy. Aug 23, 2015 12:31:40 GMT -6 *
Marlins GM (JoeyTTU01): "They" were looking for, well I don't know really what "they" were looking for but this was clearly not IT. Aug 23, 2015 20:05:59 GMT -6